There are times when the challenges of life can make us feel overwhelmed and isolated, and it may feel difficult to talk about how we feel to those who are closest to us. You might not be able to name many of these feelings or may not know where to begin to move forward and this can add to those feelings of being alone.

I offer a space in which to explore these feelings with you through counselling and psychotherapy, which is offered in a safe and confidential setting where we can both begin to understand what it is like for you in your world. We will not only look at your problems in the present but crucially we will identify the roots of these problems from your past. We will explore how past experiences may have effected the way you live and operate within your life in the present and when you become aware and understand this, it is possible for change to take place.

Lee Valls Psychotherapist

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“Freedom comes when you learn to let go”
“You can’t change the past – but through exploration and the understanding of it, you can proceed to make a better future”
“Sometimes we need to lose our way to find our way”